mLake Crucible - a video about a flight then a trek to a glacial lake in New Zealand

mNiue photographs

mVolcano an eBook for Amazon Kindle

mFranklin River rafting photographs from a trip down the Franklin River 1981-1982

mCook Islands photographs

mAmazon author page

mTiger Leaping Gorge - video about a deep gorge on the Yangtze River in SW China

mChina 2012 - photographs from a week in the Lijiang area of SW China

m Photography & Place - at Art Gallery of NSW - Australian landscape photography 1970s until now

m Review of Photography & Place in Berkshire Review

m The Kimberley Part 1 - video

m The Kimberley Part 2 - video

m Broken Monuments - photographs 2009. Interview with artist on Eastside Radio (89.7FM)
m India Link - article by Preeti Kannan

m Shetland 2009

m Shetland 2009 - video

m Iceland 2009 - photographs

m Iceland 2009 - video

m A day at the football (VFL), 1 July 1961

m Volcano - photographs exhibited at Manly Art gallery in 2007

m More videos

m The Windmill Collection - a book of photographs taken by Rose and Emma Windmill from 1913

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